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If anyone is interested in Wakeupnow and want more information on this great business opportunity join me and my team tonight in draper @ 7 pm for a presentation/meeting 😊

Address 🔽🔽🔽

65 E wadsworth park dr draper Utah. Suite 210

me nd mermaid gf


me: bb ur so wet

gf: i live in the fucking ocean

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Alicante beach 002

They’re so cute it makes me want to cry tears of joy.
Went and hung out with #Lorenzofertitta the owner of #ufc at the UFC Headquarters in Las Vegas. Very nice guy to talk with and show us how they set up all the fights. Can’t wait to come back & watch a Rhonda Rousey fight. Thanks Uncle tee.
Finally back in the states. I’m so drained from hanging out in the sun on a ship with my family and gf, Eating lobster dinners and having room service in the middle of the night, swimming all day, walking around Mexico and eating tacos. I think it’s time to head on home. But not until we hang out at knots berry farm all day. Lol 🚢☀😎🎢
See ya later! ✌😎☀🚢